Hog hunting goes on year round in Florida. We offer several different hunts and no license is needed on my private property. During the cooler months we put hunters on stand over corn feeders for wild boar. This is a great way to be selective and get that hog you are looking for. Most any deer caliber rifle will do the job. I recommend a harder bullet such as a Barnes X Bullet to penetrate the tough hide and bones of a big boar. A .308 caliber scoped rifle is about the best you can find for dropping a hog in his tracks. Many hunters bring slug guns, muzzle loaders and archery gear. All do a fine job for taking big boars and meat hogs alike.

We also offer hog hunts with dogs. The dogs are able to find the hogs in very thick cover when they don’t want to move on there own. Once they locate a hog he will usually break and run. The dogs trail it until its tired and ready to fight. We then put out the catch dogs that goes in and locks on to the hog. We rush in and catch the hog by his back legs to secure it and the hunter can then come in a stick a long bladed knife right behind the should into the heart and lungs area. It’s a quick kill and an adrenaline packed hunt. A real hands on hunt and a memory that will stick with you for a life time.

Skinning and quartering is included in this hunt always so remember to bring along a cooler with ice....and your camera.