"Captain Billy made us feel comfortable and coached us to two nice alligators on the first hunt. Even though the weather didn't cooperate on our second hunt he found the big gators and we scored again. I may come back every year-but don't tell my wife. It is nonstop action and excitement! see more testimonials..

Deep South Outfitter has been guiding clients to trophy alligators for nearly 20 years. Year after year many of the same hunters return to participate in this hunt and enjoy this incredible time of year in Florida. Hot nights and hundreds or red alligator eyes await the hunt as we slip silently into the alligators world. By the aid of a tight beamed light your guide will call multiple gators into range each night. We will look them over carefully in hopes of finding you the trophy you are looking for.

Alligators in the warm lakes and rivers of Florida are very active at night. This is the time we pursue them and attempt our stalk into range. Bow or crossbow is the weapon you will be using to take the first shot. Once a gator is in close and the decision is made to take that animal, you will launch an arrow with a tip designed to go into the tough hide of the gator and lock inside the skin with very strong stainless steel barbs. A braided line from the tip is attached to a large float. Once hit, we fight the angry animal back to boat side and harpoon it to get a much heavier line attached.

Once we have the gator under control a bang stick is used to finish the animal. For those of you that do not know, a bang stick is a bullet on the end of a pole that is discharged when the end of the barrel is impacted into a hard object. The hard object being the alligators skull. All this may sound easy when reading but remember, this animal is very angry and is a major predator in his world and can be very dangerous.

I do a very detailed session before the hunt letting my hunters shot the crossbow and handle all the equipment we will be using during the hunt. That way when the time comes and all hell is breaking loose, you will already know what the next step is when harvesting your gator. You will be familiar with the tools we will be using and wont have to ask questions as to where to hit the animal or what goes where. I will have you prepared and ready for your most exciting hunt ever.

There is a very real feeling of intensity when going from hunt a prey animal such as a deer or turkey to getting put in the middle of the alligators world at night and hunting a predator animal that just might be hunting you. If you decide to book a hunt with Deep South Outfitter, be ready for the time of your life.