Bowfishing is one of the fastest growing sports in the outdoor industry. It’s a great way to stay in shape for archery season and there is nothing like the level of excitement on my bowfishing charters. We offer day hunts on the saltwater flats with all the equipment provided. On a 4 hour trip you will shoot over 300 times. Most clients wear out long before the day is up. From sport mullet to giant south stingrays, we have something for every level of shooter. If you do this hunt once, you will be hooked. There's nothing like it.

The night hunts offered are on a local river wear we target big bowfin. We also get shots at giant gar and there is hundreds of river shad darting around the boat all the time. Its pretty fast paced and is best for the shooter that has some experience bowfishing. Dragging a big gar over the side of the boat is wild stuff and you better watch your toes. They got nasty teeth.

If you’re an avid bow hunter or bow fisher, you will love the trips we offer. You will get our fill of shooting and then some. Again, everything is included in this hunt, or you can bring your own bow fishing rig.